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Biden and the New Era


 REVCATHY’s BLOG Post   January 22, 2021  Biden and the New Era

A new era has begun in the US with President Biden

and Vice-President Harris taking their oaths of office. There was much pomp and tradition on inauguration day with military bands, flags, and colours. There were also moments of silence to remember those who have died from covid19. As the American national anthem was sung and as performers offered their talents in song there were moments of worship asking God to look over this country.  But it was President Biden who drew upon Augustine, “a saint of my church” which is a reference that he is Roman Catholic Christian. It is Augustine’s words which Biden stated,” a people are a multitude defined by the common objects of their love.”

To what objects of love did Biden refer? Whatever is important and priority for the people of the US is what is in need of healing for the sake of love.

President Biden went on to quote Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” It not only accurately describes the desire of so many Americans and people from around the world, that if we lament the losses in this time there will be a day when we can rejoice.  This time of disease and stay at home orders, of political unrest and racism will come to an end when we discuss the problems, learn from each other, when there is understanding and a new hope dawning.  But right now what is needed is a time to lament to grieve what has been lost and prepare for a brighter future.  

Amanda Gorman the young poet laureate expressed many ideas in her expression of hope for the US. “If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change our children’s birthright.’ We need both. Mercy without might is weak; might without mercy is abusive. According to Micah 6:8, we need both plus humility to what is good in the eyes of the Lord,” she said.

In watching the inauguration I was not expecting to receive a message of hope so eloquently stated. But what I did witness was a renewal of faith of those in leadership. For when they shared in the Pledge of Allegiance, many renewed their hope that the US would truly be ‘one nation under God.’

As a Canadian living in a border city, we are often influenced by what occurs in the US through trade exports and manufacturing. We have seen images of the many protests to covid19, the insurrection of January 6 and the political turmoil endured by many.  In watching and listening to the inauguration, President Biden has taken on many challenges including the need and desire to unite the country and its people.  We too have these challenges facing Canadians as we hope the number of covid19 cases will decline and that vaccines will roll out soon again.

The question we need to ask ourselves, are we lamenting what has been lost and do we have the hope that one day we will have joy? I wonder as I seek people having difficulty coping and needing others to speak with, but do we offer our prayers for hope?

Maybe it is time to lament and look for the joy that will come. May God give us comfort and strength to do this. In Jesus name we pray.

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