Friday, 6 November 2015

HEAVEN Part 3 : The Home of Beauty

Part 3 :  The Home of Beauty
Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face
the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them.  Revelation 20: 11

When we think about the eternal home of all who believe in Jesus as personal Saviour we naturally ask, “What kind of place will it be? What will we do there? It is a heavenly city from within and without. Its beauty from without.
Its beauty from without—jasper walls that are massive but clear as crystal (144 Cubits in height) Light is able to pass through these walls and radiate brilliant rays fo dazzling colour for all to see.  No one will be able to enter the city apart from God’s grace as the wall is too high to be scaled by human efforts and the only portals are guarded. All that is needed to be able to enter is salvation and no one has rejected God’s plan. Salvation is the gift of God’s grace.
The foundation of the New Jerusalem is visible and is indescribably beautiful. It comprises 12 layers of different precious stones- sapphire to emerald this stretches all around the city. In these foundation stones will be inscribed the names of the 12 apostles of Jesus who first proclaimed the message of a risen Christ to the world.
In the walls of the heavenly city are 12 gates of pearl which will never close. The gates are open for salvation is still offered freely to everyone. In the gates are inscribed the names of the 12 tribes of Israel for salvation is of the Jews.
Its beauty from within-As we enter the city we see a golden street, a crystal river  and the tree of life. The street of the city was pure gold like transparent glass. The street of gold suggest the pure and holy walk of God’s redeemed in their eternal home. A river clear as crystal will flow proceeding from God’s throne and of the Lamb. This is the river of life which flows from God through the entire area and flow forever.  There will also be the tree of life and in heaven we will be free to partake of the fruit of the tree, a species which will be on either side of the river and will produce fruit continuously.
REFLECTION: When we think of the beauty of this new city, Jerusalem, do we get stuck in the beauty or do we look to the One who created it? Who prepares it and is planning it now? These ideas of the new Jerusalem were shared with John in Revelation 21-22. Does reading this encourage you to experience God’s grace or renew your faith? In heaven we will live forever in the presence of our love Saviour. Life will be rich and full and we will know purity, bliss and love- like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Are you excited about this promised home for us ?
God how we marvel at the vision of your New Jerusalem. It is magnificent and in its wonder—we can hardly imagine its glory. Reveal to us we pray your love in Christ so that we will accept your grace and mercy and know you as our Saviour and Lord. How precious the sight of this new city; may we ever hold this in our hearts as we live in peace on earth yearning for that day when we will see this for ourselves. Amen.

RESOURCE:  Richard DeHaan. Heaven: An Eternal Place of Hope, blessing and encouragement. Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House Publishers