Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Behold I make all things new, beginning with you! Revelation 21:5

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Behold I make all things new, beginning with you!   Revelation 21:5
Happy New Year!
                We are now half-way into our first month of this new year 2020.
If we take a moment to stop and reflect upon the beginning of this year and the events which occurred and are ongoing we might wonder what the rest of this year will bring. There has been targeted killing of an Iranian leader, an airplane crash under unknown circumstances killing all on board, and continuing wild fires in Australia wiping out forests, animals and homes of many people. Things do not look good! Yet what we must remember is that throughout history there have been many turbulent times—and people lived, survived and continued to tell the stories of love and life. This is what we must do as well. There is hope and love in this world because there are many people who believe and have faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
                What is it that calls you to believe? How do you worship God your creator, Jesus your Saviour and the Spirit which moves amongst us. Are you sitting by yourself looking outside in these days of mist and fog, snow and ice? Are you wondering  what life is about and what this year will bring to you and your family?
                These are very valuable questions to ask but the answers are not easy. One response might be simply why you are taking on the weight of the world when God who made us and the world is better capable and better informed in what we are striving to be and do? Why not trust the creator to help us through each and every empty box on the calendar? Every day God speaks to your heart but often we are not listening, are slowing down enough to hear what God is calling us to say and do. But if we are willing to listen to God we must make the effort and say to Him “I am yours” not only this day, but every day.
                Our new year is well on tis way- how are you progressing this year? Do you need comfort, renewed strength, hope, healing, assistance in finding your way back to God? Prayer makes a difference and as we share with God our concerns for ourselves and for others God will answer. God will answer- we need to be patient. God’s answers may not be what we want to hear—Yes, No or not yet; but God knows best.
                Let’s begin 2020 with a new vision- a new hope—God will lead the way so that every empty box on our calendars will be filled with blessings, challenges and hope. Let us rejoice as we seek to know him and   strive to live Christ’s way.

PRAYER God of grace and love we praise and thank you for 2020 filled with hope, challenge and opportunities. We pray that your Spirit will touch our hearts and we might be grow in faith as we seek to live Christ’s way. Enable us to draw close to you. Show us your way and call us to pray to you. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.