Monday, 1 February 2016

The Miracle Principle

The Miracle Principle
“Wait only upon God; for my expectation is from him”   Psalm 62

                Physician assisted death to me is a last resort
that one might choose if they have no hope or faith in God to ease the transition from this life to heavenly rest. But it is a choice that Canadians might choose for themselves. The concerns raised in recent discussions involve asking another person or group to assist one in the dying process in a humane way. It is difficult to reflect on this but in faith do we really and should we ask another person to help us die, when the person that is being considered is one who chooses to do no harm and help maintain health? This is an ongoing debate and will be as the government rolls out the legislation which will affect many disciplines in our society.
But what if we are to keep hope alive and pray for miracles? Is this a viable option today?  Have you thought whether miracles are possible and do they occur now? The first miracle Jesus enabled was turning the water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Not everyone realized what had happened but it was a miracle as the servants had just filled up water jars with fresh water. But when a sample was given to the master of the banquet the wine was exquisite and good tasting. It was shared amongst the wedding guests and the celebration continued.  But what is a miracle?
According to Norman Vincent Peale a miracle is “a great and wonderful quality that can be brought to pass.” The miracle principle is based on Psalm 62. “Expect great things from God and you will receive great things from God.” Those who live on the miracle principle have miracles popping up constantly. But what is required for this to happen?
Faith- a deep faith that is so positively strong that it rises above doubt. Secondly, rightness—that is not wrongness. We cannot expect miracles or wonderful things to happen when we ourselves are wrong- when we are acting wrong, thinking wrong and when we are motivated by a wrong psychology. Do you feel that everything seems to go wrong with you? Then maybe it is the wrongness within you. Maybe it is your attitude, your unwillingness to try or just plain negativity that is around you. This includes people who put you down, or everyone else down, and can without any reason for this make you feel wrong about what you do and say. This is the wrongness that blocks possibilities, when a person really gets aboard spiritual power and moves away from his weak, defeated self things really begin to happen. Things that are deemed miraculous because there is a change for the better.
Do you believe in miracles? Do they occur today? I’m not describing the accidents often showing a person who escapes injury or death by mere coincidence, but what might happen when faith in God plays a key role in one’s life.  Are you in need of a miracle? What kind of miracle? Pray to God and keeping praying for miracles.

Loving God, you are the God of miracles and you listens as we pray for others and for ourselves. From water to wine and witnessing the death of loved ones without pain and contentment there are many sources of the unexpected and miracles. We pray O God that you reveal to us your many miracles that are needed at this time-and continue to love us we pray. Amen.

Norman Vincent Peale “Expect a Miracle- make Miracles Happen” c.1974.

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