Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How Do You Reflect His Light?

“The Light of Christ”
John 1:4-5

At the time of creation God said, “Let there be light,” and with these words what was dark and void became illuminated with the sun. When God spoke these words the One whom we call Jesus was present as was the Spirit. God spoke and there was light.
When we celebrated Christ’s coming to earth in human form we state that the Light of God has come to us. But do we really understand what this means?
            The New Year has come into our region with much snowfall, cold temperatures and icy roads. But what is amazing is the brightness of our sun as it shines on these cold winter days. The light of the sun reminds us of what occurred at the time of creation. Our world in North America is experiencing winter—less sunlight per day than in the summer and yet when the sun shines it is so bright sunglasses are necessary especially if the sun reflects off the ice on streets or snow. Bright light/ darkness these contrasts invite us to something new and different but do we connect this light with Christ who was born one night and whose star shone brightly over the place where he laid in a manger?
            And do we also connect the darkness which overshadowed the world the day he died on the cross. This was one of the darkest days in human history. Jesus, the promised messiah and king of the Jews was crucified on a cross and darkness appeared in the middle of the day. The light of Christ was put out and darkness filled the earth. Yet this was not the end. For Christ’s light shines again for he rose from death and because of his resurrection we know again Christ as the Light of the world.
            The question for us to consider is do we reflect His Light in this world? Do we take his light to what may be deemed as dark corners in our cities where hope is lost and where there is no joy? Do we shine or reflect Christ’s light as he lives in our hearts and minds or are we merely wandering in the darkness or seeking something or someone to show us the way?
            A children’s song has these lyrics: This little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine
Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine..” Are you reflecting Christ’s light and are you letting his light shine for Him in these dark winter days? How and what are you doing to enable this to occur? Why not share it with others?

Wonderful God of light and love, we pray for those who read these words and who are shining and reflecting Christ’s light in all that they say and do. Encourage them to share Christ’s light in the darkness of where they work and take time for leisure. Enable them to articulate their faith in you as they seek to grow in relationship with you. Amen.

In this New Year have you made resolutions to begin something different or do something that is a change in behaviour for you? Have you considered how you will share Christ’s light with others? Have you prayed about how you will bring these changes in your life? Consider this as something to begin each day. For this is what we are each called to do! Please share how you share Christ’s light!

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