Thursday, 16 January 2014

Walking with Jesus

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
By Rev Cathy

Walking with Jesus

The true light that gives light to every one was coming into the world.

John 1:9

            A little girl was out shopping with her mother when she said, “Mommy your walking is faster than I can go. Please carry me.”
 The mother replied, “But you are a big girl, I need you to walk a little faster so we can get to the store before it closes.”
The little girl replied, “But why faster- the best part of shopping is just getting to the store with you. It is the walking time when you hold my hand and I hold yours. Just like we do at school.”
“What do you mean?” the mother asked.
“You know, when we have to line up two by two and hold hands with our friend when we go to the gym or the library. The best part is holding hands and walking.”
“Why is that?”
“Because we are walking with our friends and can talk quietly.”
The mother then said, “Yes I guess you’re right. The best part is walking to where we are going. And I am glad you are walking with me!”
Out worship theme for the Season after Epiphany is “Walking with Jesus” and we are focusing upon what it means to be in a relationship with our ‘friend’ Jesus. What kind relationship do you have as you walk with him in your daily living? What kind of relationship do you share? Who is leading or following? Or are you walking side by side? Who decides the way to go? What does this relationship look like?
When we walk with Jesus we need to walk where his light shines and will shine through you. Jesus might lead the way to a place where you are walking behind Jesus into the unfamiliar. Jesus might follow you because you know the way your are going but need his direction and gentle support. And Jesus might just walk beside you in friendship and love chatting as you go. Or Jesus might just pick you up and carry you. It depends upon what is happening in your life, and where your relationship is.
If you believe in Jesus as the light- for Christ shines in the darkness than you’re relationship with Jesus leads you where Christ will lead and guide you. You will not walk in darkness but where the path has been lit and you follow. But if you do not know Jesus as the light- sent from God, who was and is God- then you will walk in a way that is uncertain. But how will you see? Where will you look? What path do you follow?
 Many people who have committed themselves to serving Christ say they walk with Jesus but in fact what really happens is that they let Jesus walk with them maybe if the path that they are going on is really their own way.


God of grace we pray that we are and will walk with Jesus in the path He illuminates for each of us. This path is the way you have called us to be and become your children and to grow in relationship with you. Help us to understand what walking in Christ’s light means each day. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


Walking with Jesus= do you really enable Jesus to lead you? Or are you letting him pick you up as you go your own way?  As we consider how one may “Walk with Jesus” in these next weeks reflect and think how your journey is going as you live day to day. Describe your relationship. Are you letting Christ’s Spirit to speak to you as you walk?

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