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Understanding Grace

Understanding Grace

                In our modern theological approach to knowing that we
have received forgiveness of sins, how do we understand God’s grace?  The gift of grace from God to all people is easy to say but difficult to fully comprehend because there is nothing else like it experienced by people ever. One must be clear that when one experiences God’s grace it is something unique from Someone who deeply comes and cares for us and continues to guide our lives.
                God’s grace may be defined as “His merciful, enabling help, His ongoing empowerment, His continued working on our behalf. It is His continued working on our behalf and speaks of the past present and future action. According to A.M. Hunter, “Grace means primarily the free, forgiving love of God in Christ to sinners and the operation of that love in the lives of Christians.”
                The grace of God is foundational to the gospel message: John 1:17 For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. We are justified by this grace from God and given a not guilty verdict over our sins because Jesus died for us. But it is up to us to live out our lives with grace and hope. God accepted us because of what Jesus did. For when we openly receive God’s grace we stop doing sinful things because Jesus died, took our shame and guilt, paid the penalty for our sin and took what we deserved and set us free. When we first put our trust in Him we become righteous and God’s beloved children.
                But God’s grace is not a one- time act. God continues to deal with those who believe and this grace presently is at work in all. We are called to receive the gift of God’s grace and we are to serve God through His grace. For we are not only forgiven of sin through grace, but we can now live above sin. God transforms lives through His grace.   We are also give future grace. God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ in order that in the coming times he might show us the riches of his grace.
Discussion Questions: 
When you reflect on this word GRACE, what comes to your mind and heart? We know the beloved hymn calls it “amazing” but there is so much more than this. As we learn and understand ‘grace’ to not only be a one-time gift and blessing from God, how does this continuing gift help you in your day to day living?
People have different ideas of grace—being a person rather than a ‘thing’ definition of noun. How do you define God’s gift as you have experienced and continue to receive?
God you are the giver of this precious gift of grace and yet so often we fail to fully understand what this gift really means. As we reflect in the coming weeks on your ‘grace” we pray that you would open our hearts to receive and bless us n new ways. Reveal your Spirit to us as we continue to receive your grace.  We ask this as we offer to you our hearts and minds. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Reflection inspired by Michael L. Brown, The Grace Controversy, Florida: Charisma House Group, 2016. p.2-16.

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