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Sunday, 25 March 2018

People are hurting and have been hurting themselves and others for generations.

Hurting, Healing and Hope
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

                People are hurting and have been hurting themselves and  Yet when out of opportunities to live a healthier life, change seems the only alternative. But there is hope in this because change can and often be a positive end result to the hurt of the past.
others for generations. The real resolution to these hurts is to bring about change. But of course, for some people change is sometimes seen as worse than the hurt one experiences.
Wilson’s Theory of Change:  Making and consistently practicing new choices produces change.
Our change efforts have eternal significance however, when they are empowered by the Holy Spirit of God. To really understand the change process we need to understand the choices we can make.
Paul writing to the Corinthians—“Put away childish things” I Cor. 13:11 in order to be mature adults. What does this mean? It means to set these things aside intentionally. That is by choice!
There are elements that you cannot change:
·         Parents’ sin natures,
·         parents’ predispositions (susceptibility to alcoholism, schizophrenia and intelligence),
·         parents’ person issues  Routine responsibilities and life dominating issues
·         parents’ attitudes and actions toward us
·         family atmosphere
·         own sin natures
·         own genetic predispositions and natural endowments
But there are elements you can change: 
“If we don’t change our direction, we are apt to end up where we are headed.” Chinese proverb
1.       Our relationship with God
2.       Our relationship  with others
3.       Our relationship with ourselves

1.       God- whose rules should we follow.  If we chose to know God and put Him first in our lives, we will begin to live by His rules
2.       Ezekiel 18:20  each of us dies for our own sins.; vs 30 says that we are to turn away from all our sins so that they may not become a stumbling block to us.  We must take responsibility for our own choices
                This includes the time it takes for this process of change to work!  Change is the journey—relates to the unappealing prospect that is ongoing and sometimes an emotional upheaval.

3.       To change our relationship with others we need a power source! Zechariah 4:6—not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit..
This hurt is SIN and everyone has sinned- people who are hurt and unhurt; people who are good living citizens and people caught up in their hurtful past.

Christians believe- that Jesus had no sin yet chose to die for our sins so that we could experience the eternal quality of life that exists only in personal relationship with Him.
With Jesus as the pilot of our lives—we can change—
We need town our responsibilities in the injury-recovery, healing from hurts changing process but we are not alone in this if we believe in God’s unseen Spirit which will energize us and help us along the way.
Question—have you been hurt in the past that you’ve almost given up who you are?
What has helped you to realize that there is hope?
Have you ever looked to God or His Son Jesus to truly help you?
The most significant life changing choice you will ever make is asking Jesus to pilot your life, supervise your choices as you heal and change and live a renewed life and have a new purpose.
All you need to do is choose Jesus and pray words like these:
Jesus I want to know you personally. Come into my lie and forgive my sins. Thank you for paying for my sins through your death. Thank you for loving me. Change my heart and help me to be faithful to you. Thank you for leading my life now and always. Amen.
Resource:  (based upon )Dr. Sandra D Wilson, Hurt People Hurt People, Discovery House Publishers, 2001. Ch.7  

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