Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Love in the Air

Love in the Air

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

                “Love is patient kind not jealous or boastful” Paul’s letter  Both couples were excited about getting married, being married and had anticipated their wedding day for years.  Different circumstances led both brides and grooms to wait a while to celebrate this happy day which would forever change their lives.
to the Corinthians includes information about how people were to get along in love, and with love being the focus. Yet what is love? This past week I had the privilege of officiating at two weddings of two very different couples experiencing life to its fullest and experiencing love.
                But what I experienced by sharing with these two couples will never soon be forgotten. Genuine love in the hearts and minds and in the actions and tears of all involved. There was joy on the grooms’ faces as their brides met them at the front of the church—not only did their brides radiate beauty through their smiles, but their eyes told the story that what they saw in each other was well beyond the physical attractions both couples had.  There is love, there is wonder and hope and through their smiles, there was also tears. Both couples acknowledged those around them, but it did not seem to matter as they held hands, looked into each others’ eyes and made their vows.
                Love between people is honest and giving. But this kind of love is only a portion of the love God has for us.  And as humans we cannot comprehend the depth of God’s love for us.  And what is also amazing is that the love these couples share now is only the beginning, a strong foundation of love which will grow stronger each day.
                God’s love is deep for each of us and to truly experience His love we need to practise it with everyone we meet. And especially those whom we call spouse/ partner/ husband or wife. Others who see you with your spouse should see love—like I have seen on many couples on the wedding day. It is hoped that this love will endure as we know it does not fail. But rejoices in the right!. May the love you experience from your spouse and/or family members be joyful and cause you to smile!  And remember God loves you even more!
God we pray for those who have and experience love. We ask for your blessing upon spouses-newlyweds or those married for many years. Bless them O God and remind them always of their love, when it was a twinkle in the eye as on the wedding day. Remind us all that love never ends and that we are called to love others as Christ did and to do so means putting aside all problems and focusing on another and their needs. Call us to love as you first loved us, we pray. Amen.

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