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Despite Doubt: God and Jesus

Despite Doubt: God and Jesus

            What makes us to understand the God exists?  We simply know.
Paul writes, For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:19-20. God’s existence is ‘plain’ to everyone. Many may plead ignorance but they do not have an excuse that God will accept. God knows they know better.
            But how can you know that you know God exists? Maybe one needs to look at the opposite . Are you able to persuade yourself that God does not exist. Try to think that no one created and redeemed you, no one was raised from the dead for you. Does your life have meaning?
            Maybe the question is better asked, do you know the right One? Romans 1:19-20 God is almighty and righteous but are we? No, we need grace and grace comes only from God and as Christians we believe that God does save us with this grace. Jesus was sent by God to die for our sin so that we might live with Him.
            Jesus’ story seems unbelievable yet He quenches the desperate yearnings of our souls. We could never dream Him up, yet we can’t imagine living without Him. Jesus deals with the problem of evil by dying and rising again. God dealt with evil through Jesus’ death on the cross. Jesus rose to life leaving sin, death and Satan in the dust!
Does evil exist? Yes. But through Jesus we may have security success and sympathy which is what we need. We just need to believe.

REFLECT for a moment and respond:
How certain is your belief in God? What would it take to increase your belief in God? What might you say to someone who believes in God not Jesus? How would you explain evil in this world? Do you think that sincerity is enough to be saved as many religions today say? Where do you think Jesus fits in?

Holy God I believe that you exist but somehow cannot fully understand what this really means. I see the actions of people who are doing evil against other people and wonder why?  Our world evolves around change and technology yet as people we don’t seem to change. We just want more- power, wealth and prestige. Help me to understand what evil is and how love can conquer it. Show me how Jesus overcame evil through his death and resurrection and enable me to experience his good. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Michael E Wittmer, Despite Doubt: Embracing a Confident Faith ch.6-7

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