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Life is a series of change and choosing new directions.

Hurting, Healing and Hope
Wednesday, March 21 2018

                Life is a series of change and choosing new directions.   Many factors contribute to this- the depth of our wounds, the support and helping resources available to us, and the level of our cooperation with the Spirit of God. But what fuels us is God who is committed to life. But we must have hope for if we have no hope we die.
The healing process invites us to let each of our change journeys develop as uniquely as we do.
                We are called to be stewards of all aspects of our lives including the weaknesses caused, in part by childhood wounds. We are called to bring to God our fears, cares, futures and weaknesses.  We are also to go to God with our suffering so that we’ll know Him as Comforter. We really will experience God’s comfort when we suffer. But we will suffer and there will be scars. But these scars have hope.
                When we think of Jesus, he too had scars—in his hands, feet and side. These  marks were where the nails and sword penetrated Jesus’ body. But we also know that it is because of these scars we are given the gift of eternal life. So where do we place our hope?
                In Jesus “for he was pierced for our transgressions he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us (brings us) peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5). God gave to us Jesus out of love so that when we hurt we may have hope in him. “This hope is what sees in the splintered fragments of our broken lives, the reflection of His empty tomb.” (p.240)
As we consider Jesus as the “wounded healer” how does knowing that He was wounded for us/ you as an individual make a difference for where you place your hope?
What does it mean to be healed? Is it for always or is it an ongoing process?
We are people who from time to time hurt and in turn hurt others. But are we willing to help others be healed in faith? To bring others to the cross of Christ and the empty tomb of Jesus knowing that there is hope beyond the grave? Hurt people may hurt people. But helping people love others who hurt. Jesus calls us to love each other—wounds and all. Let us remember this as we pray:
Praise be to you O God because you love me scars and all. Thank you for Jesus who was scarred and wounded for me. Help me to love others and tell others of his love with hope for tomorrow. Be with me always as I continue to love others scars and all. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Resource:  (based upon) Dr. Sandra D Wilson, Hurt People Hurt People, Discovery House Publishers, 2001. Ch.15

Watch for a new Easter series starting next week—during Holy Week!    

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