Thursday, 23 November 2017

Eternal Life- What a Gift!

Eternal Life- What a Gift!
Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal
life in Christ Jesus our Lord.     
                The Bible Study group at our church has been studying sin and evil and God’s relationship to people. What we have realized is God did not want sin to enter the world, but by choices made by the fallen angel and by human beings, sin is here. But just like faith and love, to sin is a choice.  And to seek forgiveness for all wrongdoings, is also a choice that God’s people can and do make.
                No matter how righteous and good living a person is, there is always the possibility of choosing to go against God’s teachings and to sin. People may not choose to commit murder or burglary on a regular basis but lying, cheating, acts of fraud are also sinning against God’s and the world’s view of acceptable behaviour. As human beings we are subject to sin yet we can choose otherwise. We can choose God and ask forgiveness for all our wrongdoing. But are we willing to do this?
                The story of Job appears as a test of faith for a righteous man of God. Job endures extreme losses, illnesses, and even the silence of his friends who eventually tell him to ‘curse God’. But Job’s faith is strong and keeps asking God what he did wrong. That is why he has endured so much when he lived a good and faithful life. It isn’t until Job realizes that he is not God and does not understand everything. He states “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” Job’s relationship with God is now stronger and in humility, Job repents. Even the most righteous person sins.
                But all is not lost because gifted us His Son Jesus. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we have been given hope. And where this hope lies is in Christ Jesus himself. We all sin but we each need to realize that forgiveness is possible through God’s love and beyond forgiveness, we have been promised eternal life. Are we willing to admit to sinning even a little bit?  Let us remember that if we confess our sins God hears and forgives. We all sin and we all may be forgiven but it is up to each of us to repent, to tell God our sins.

Holy One, hear us as we pray to you and offer to you our ‘sorry’ for the sins which we have committed. Forgive us we pray. And enable us to come to you in faith and with hope knowing that you give to us the eternal life through faith. Hear our sins and forgive us we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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