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Who is Elijah? A man who faces conflict I Kings 18

Who is Elijah?
A man who faces conflict   I Kings 18
                In Elijah’s time the people had rejected God for the lies of
the gods of the land. Truth had been lost in a culture of idolatry and it was upon Elijah to bring about change. Elijah left Zarephath and met with King Ahab. Ahab knew Elijah and the prophet told the king to order a meeting on Mount Carmel.
Elijah came to all the people and questioned them on who they believed and that they were trying to live in two worlds. They were worshiping Baal while also professing a belief in Yahweh. Elijah wanted them to choose.
Elijah proposed bringing the matter to a test and sets the rules for this test: Select an animal, prepare a sacrifice, pray. The prophets of Baal were divided into 2 segments—no answer, Elijah mocked them  and no fire was sent. Then it was Elijah’s turn. He summoned the people, repaired the broken altar, dug a trench, water was put over the altar. Then Elijah prayed (36-37) Identified God; vindicated God- of Israel,  at your word, explanation hear me ; did not ask “send fire”
God responded- fire fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice; people fell, prophets of Baal fell, and Elijah fell to God and then the rain fell. The drought was over.

This is a story of Elijah showing the mercy and greatness of God to the people who had fallen away from Him.
What may we learn from this?
Matters of truth are not settled by majority vote but by God’s Word
Sincere and even passionate commitment to the wrong things can be self-destructive
Matters of truth and error need powerful and often uncomfortable moments of confrontation
Discovering the truth about God requires us to make decisions about our faith and the gods of our own culture.
What do you believe? In whom do you believe? Does God still act like He did in Elijah’s time- how?

Wonderful of love we thank you for Elijah’s story of strong courageous faith. He believed wholeheartedly in you and your ability to bring about change in the lives of others.
We pray O God that you would show us your truth as we sort through the many lies of today. Lies of real people, circumstances, death and destruction which seem to fill our media. Help us to know you and love you; to trust you and to follow your teachings like Elijah did.
We ask this in the name of the Christ who came to teach us about truth and to live in love, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Resource: Bill Crowder, Trusting God in Hard Times Lessons from the Life of Elijah Discovery Series, 2016

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