Saturday, 2 April 2016

Make a Joyful Noise

Make a Joyful Noise
  Psalm 100
                Here we are midweek after one of the High Holy Days of the
Christian Year Easter and we are wondering how we are feeling about everything. Sunday’s service was filled with joy, and laughter and songs of faith which were uplifting. There was energy in the sanctuary as we offered praise and thanksgiving to God for raising to life His Son, Jesus. And through Jesus’ resurrection we have been given the gift and hope of eternal life. We are blessed!
                But the joy of Easter should not end with the closing chorus; Easter is a season, and the gift that we receive never goes away—Christ is alive and the joy we experience should be felt every day not just Easter Sunday morning.
                We had a beautiful sunny Easter day yet within hours this sunshine was changed to clouds rain and thunder. This lead me to think about how we change as individuals in mood, in time all because of what affects us and how we respond.  I just wonder if the joy we experience on Easter can be fully shared each day?
                Jesus is alive and we should be making a joyful noise each day. We have hope beyond this life. We have hope beyond this world all because Jesus died and rose to new life. But are we willing to live in this hope and with the joy we find in Jesus.
                As we begin this week after Holy Week I find myself a little tired after preparing for special services, getting home celebrations ready and then doing the regular tasks of living. But what carries me forward into this week is that I know Jesus is with me and I have the joy of the Lord. I have the wonderful love of Jesus in my heart and I will live forever because of him.
                Do you remember as a child the wonder and anticipation of opening your birthday presents? It was your day your gifts and then your cake. But afterward there is a let down- it’s a long time until it is your birthday again. Easter calls us to rejoice after hearing the passion story of Jesus’ death. Yet often we let go of the joy of Easter as we return back to work and school.
                The joy of Easter is something that we should strive to keep in our hearts each day. And so in many churches there is a celebration of Holy Humour- the joke’s on the devil—Jesus rose to new life and we want to continue celebrate with love and fun and laughter. Hopefully the joy will return as we hear how Thomas doubted that the disciples had seen Jesus. And then Jesus shows up and proves that he is alive!. Then there is much joy amongst the disciples.
Consider how you keep the joy of the living Christ in your heart? What do you do? Do you sing, pray, draw or create something wonderful? This is a challenge for this Easter Season. Make a joyful noise until God. Christ is alive.

Holy God of love we praise you and we rejoice that you truly love us. You have called us to be with you and we celebrate Christ’s resurrection with joy. Keep us focused on you in this time and show us your way to live and love and laugh. IN Jesus’ name Amen.   

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