Monday, 21 December 2015

The Baby in the Manger

The Baby in the Manger
Luke 2:1-20
                Not too often do we turn on the television or radio or connect with the internet to find out what is happening in the world that we hear something good. Tragedies around the world in various forms are calls us to gather to listen and to hear the news of the suffering of people, natural disasters or scandals involving leadership. Yet in recent years television newscasters are now ending their broadcast with something lighter, a feel good story or even people who share good news.
                Good news for all people is what the angels told the shepherds. Good news- the promised One has been born. The one we have been waiting for to redeem us his born. He is on earth and just starting out his life on earth.  But why did the angels tell this great news to shepherds- because they were the ones most open to receive it as all they had were the sheep they were tending in the middle of the night. Yes, they risked their livelihood walking away when they walked to see ’this thing which has happened.” They risked the lives of the sheep from enemies while they went into Bethlehem and found Jesus, the infant king in a manger.  There they saw his parents and the baby. They gave no explanation as to why they were there. They were overcome with joy and they worshiped Jesus as the One who would be king of their hearts and saviour.
                We do not hear about these shepherds again but hopefully they were not fired from being shepherds. But t=if they were- what an opportunity they have in now spread the good news of Jesus.

                As we draw closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus- do we look to His birth as Good News? Or are we caught up in the stuff of Christmas preparations that we cannot look in the manger and see the Promised Infant Kind, the Son of God?  What meaning does this Good News mean to you? Jesus was born for what purpose? Was it merely a promise set before us to deal with now being fulfilled? What did God have in mind for us when he made that promise, hundreds of ears before?
                What do you see as you look in the manger? A baby, a promise, a future hope all wrapped up in cloths and waiting for visitors? Waiting for people to come to him. Jesus waited a long time for people to follow him and to hear what he had to say. But how he was to save the people would not happen until he was 30.  So people continued to wait, to watch and listen to him. And when it was time to put into his purpose of life, death and resurrection, he did with the strength and voe of God the Father.
                As we anticipate celebrating Jesus’ birth- let us look at him in wonder but remember him in faith as the one who suffered, died and rose again. This is the story of our Christmas- the baby who brings good news.
                May God bless you as you share time with friends and family this Christmas.!

BLOGS- we will write again on January 6—Epiphany—a day of gifts and celebration.

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