Wednesday, 25 December 2013

He is Born

“He is Born”
Luke 2:8-14
Jesus’ birthday is celebrated this day and will be celebrated with gifts
special meals, lights and  decorations and family gatherings. But why do we celebrate Jesus’ birthday so differently from other birthdays? When it is time to honour one whose was born that day we don’t remember them only as a baby, but the current year they have now reached. Yet when we celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas we remember the baby and not the man, the Saviour. This is partly due to the fact that the baby was cute and his birth was unlike others. He was born of the Holy Spirit and in a stable far from where his parents were from. He was born to Mary and Joseph and laid in a manger. He did not even have a proper bed.
            His first visitors were not family members but shepherds who were told of his birth by angels and their noisy singing in the middle of the night. Yet these shepherds did not hesitate to go and see the baby. They went and found the place where the family was staying that night-out behind a hotel in a warm barn. They went to see the baby just to worship him.
            But what do we do as we celebrate Jesus’ birth? We buy gifts not for him or in his name, but to each other and often loading up credit cards for the simple reason of buying. We aren’t formally called by angels to worship Jesus but the number of people who gather to worship on Christmas Eve/ Day is certainly not the same as it once was. Is it because it is more important to share in the gift exchange instead of the Gift?
            Jesus was born for a reason. To teach, live, preach, heal and die for us all. Yet do we want to remember this at Christmas? Not really- it is the sad part of his life- he dies for us and we don’t really want to acknowledge this when it is so much more fun to acknowledge Jesus as a baby just beginning his life on earth.
            Take the time to reflect on Jesus-baby, child, man and Son of God as you celebrate Jesus in your life.

Loving and giving God  we thank you that you love us and give to us Jesus a baby who grows to be and become our Saviour through faith. Help us to remember Jesus not only as the baby in the manger, but as Jesus the Risen Saviour. Amen.

Merry Christmas to all!
Take the time to reflect on Jesus the baby and Jesus the Saviour. How easy it is to worship the infant born for us this day, and difficult to realize his life’s purpose was for us.
May the Christ of Christmas be with you.

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